Quality Documentation

I am a one-man documentation team specializing in user’s guides and reference manuals in PDF, ebook, and web form. I am not a copy writer, business writer, artist, nor a web designer. I make lucid and attractive documentation.


I strive for clarity in my writing and clarity in my designs. Good writing is vigorous. Good design is transparent. I use Adobe’s tools, but if your company keeps its documentation in Word format as a matter of policy, I can make Word docs that look professional.

I strive to create documents that are useful. To lower the volume of your customer support queries, I will consult your support department to determine the most common problems that your users need help with and highlight those issues in your documentation.


Direct your initial queries to me via email. I host a secure public chat service where we can negotiate terms. If we do business, I will open a Private Words account where we can exchange messages and files.


Precision and attention to detail are second nature to me. In my former career in Quality Assurance, I discovered and documented variation in material, process, and specification on products with up to multimillion dollar values. I know first hand how poorly executed internal documents increase non-conformances. I know first-hand how poorly executed manuals influence customer satisfaction and subsequent purchasing decisions.


I wrote the server software supporting this site. If your product is software, and if you give me read-only access to your source archive (I will sign NDAs), I may be able to answer many questions for myself without bothering your developers.

Tools for FreeBSD

To install amd64 packages, invoke pkg add <package>
drood | humdinger | droodpipe | libdorrit 5.28 source package
humdinger requires libserver
gonzalo | trinculo 1.3 source not a port
trinculo requires libserver
ephemera 5.9 source package
ephemera requires munger
libserver | libserverevents 3.11 source package
libdombey | libdombeyevents 5.29 source package
munger 5.7.1 source package
munger requires sqlite3 and libtre from ports (pkg install sqlite3 libtre)
dickens 1.95 source package
dkns requires munger

I have a Technical Writing Certificate with Honours from the Humber Institute of Technology. I understand the tricky bits of grammar. I also write novellas.