Quality Documentation

I am a one-man documentation team specializing in user’s guides and reference manuals in PDF, ebook, and web form. I make documents that communicate and instruct. I do not make marketing materials.


I strive for clarity in my writing and clarity in my designs. Good writing is vigorous. Good design is transparent. I use Adobe’s tools, but if your company keeps its documentation in Word format as a matter of policy, I can make Word docs that look professional.

I strive to make documents that are useful. To lower the volume of your customer support queries, I will consult your support department to determine the most common problems that your users need help with and highlight those issues in your documentation.


Email me at jimmy@mammothcheese.ca.

Invite me into a chat room at The Public House.

If we do business, I will open a Sub Rosa account for you.


Precision and attention to detail are second nature to me. In my former career in Quality Assurance, I discovered and documented variation in material, process, and specification on products with multimillion dollar values. I know first hand how poorly executed internal documents increase non-conformances. I know first-hand how poorly executed manuals influence customer satisfaction and subsequent purchasing decisions.


My language, design, and technical skills converge naturally on technical writing.

Tools for FreeBSD

gonzalo | prospero | caliban 2.36
libserver | libserverevents 3.23
libdombey | libdombeyevents 5.38
libdorrit 1.10
libindex 1.6
munger 5.7.2
Munger requires databases/sqlite3 and textproc/libtre from ports.
dickens 1.96
Dickens requires munger.